About Us

Hi there and welcome to Rabbit Care Box.

Rabbit Care Box is so much more than just a surprise rabbit box business. Created by two brothers (Richard and Louis) who love everything animals, especially rabbits, we went out of our way to listen and create the ultimate care box for rabbits. After searching many companies online we realised that a lot of businesses are just doing the exact same thing. This was no good, so we spent many months talking to independent rabbit owners (just like you) to find out exactly what they wanted to see from a business like ours. 

We found that supplying organic food and treats was definitely a must, organic toys to suppress the feel of boredom for your rabbits was a necessity and including monthly tips and advice for rabbit care would be our unique spin to the competition.  We are not just a company that supplies rabbit products… we are a company that believes the care and knowledge of rabbits is the upmost important of things for rabbit owners. We have even started creating our own unique products which will be added to our product line very soon (some already are).

To little information on the internet is about regarding the correct foods, treats and caring for your rabbit. We are aiming to offer the full package for rabbit owners. Healthy rabbits are happy rabbits. Rabbit Care Box is constantly growing, we believe that listening to our customers and other rabbit owners is the key to our continued success. We’d love you to be apart of that. 

Kind regards

Richard & Louis

Rabbit Care Box

“Finally, a rabbit box with a difference”