What insects do rabbits eat

What insects do rabbits eat? Rabbits are herbivores and have a very sensitive digestive system, they rely on plants for their survival. However, they can eat insects. They might eat insects accidentally. They can have insects in their mouth in curiosity. In brief, we can say that your domesticated rabbit will prefer not to consume insects.

But they can eat insects without experiencing any health issues. Also, they might develop the habit of eating insects. It is worth mentioning all the insects are not harmful to your bun. But some can be dangerous. Hence, you will have to ensure that your tiny friend does not have access to poisonous insects.

what insects do rabbits eat

Additionally, your bunny might like the taste of some specific insects. But this is a rare behavior. If you want to know more about your rabbit’s diet and behavior and other things, you can go through the following. We will cover why rabbits should not feed on insects and when it can be harmful.

Do rabbits eat insects?

Yes, rabbits can eat insects. Rabbits eat bugs such as ants and many other insects. However, they do not need to feed on insects and should be especially cautious of larger insects. Insects will not meet their nutrient needs.

Also, they can cause health issues. But some insects can offer protein. We can take the example of beetles and cockroaches. Nevertheless, your bunny does not need this nutrition source.

Apart from that, rabbits are herbivores. They do not have the natural skills to kill insects. As insects can move at high speed, rabbits cannot easily capture them. But it does not mean that your pet will never eat an insect.

Both rabbits and bugs eat the same food, and your pet might accidentally eat bugs while snacking on hay or grass. Also, bunnies are curious animals, and they might end up consuming insects out of curiosity.

What if my rabbits start eating bugs?

As we know, rabbits rely on fibrous foods for their survival. Yes, grass and hay can meet the fiber needs of rabbits. If you offer enough amount of hay, your bunny will not develop such desire. Also, your you may find your rabbit eats bugs to imitate the behavior of another animal.

If you notice that your pet rabbits have started to eat bugs, you will have to use some barriers to minimize the access. Some bugs are not harmful. But a few can harm your bunny. Hence, you will have to make your home rabbit-proof.

How do I keep my rabbit from eating bugs in my garden?

How do I keep my rabbit from eating bugs in my garden
How do I keep my rabbit from eating bugs in my garden?

It is not about bugs. Yes, rabbits can destroy some plants in your garden. If you feel that your garden has some insects and bugs that can harm your pet, you can consider installing physical barriers.

Make sure that your rabbit cannot access your garden. Also, always maintain the cleanliness of your garden and minimize the presence of harmful insects.

Besides, you cannot add some plants that rabbits do not like. On top of that, you can use some repellents. The best way is to add visual deterrents. All these will stop the access of your bunny to your garden. Furthermore, your garden will look green and cub appealing.

Would eating spiders make a good snack?

No, spiders can be harmful to your bunny, especially poisonous spiders. Hence, you should never allow your bunny to eat spiders. However, some spiders will not harm your bunny at all. But you will have to know the type of spiders you have at your home.

If you are unaware of the spider type, it is better to protect your bunny from spiders. Also, spiders cannot bite rabbits. But your pet can eat them. If your bunny accidentally eats a spider, you will have to wait for a few minutes to see the reaction.

If the creature is acting fine, you do not need to worry. If it shows some signs of illness, you can visit your vet.

Do rabbits eat earthworms?

Do rabbits eat earthworms
Do rabbits eat earthworms?

It is not common for bunnies to eat earthworms. But they can eat earthworms while feeding on grass. You might get surprised to know that earthworms are healthy for bunnies. According to a study report, earthworms can be beneficial for rabbits when eaten in small quantities.

Earthworms can meet thirty percent of the protein needs of rabbits without causing any physiological and physical problems. Besides, earthworms can improve the digestibility of rabbits by up to five percent. But you will have to take care of the portion.

In some cases, your pet can get worm infections. Here are a few diseases you can check.


The pinworms infection is frequent in rabbits. It is a parasitic worm that impacts the intestine of rabbits. As it does not cause severe health issues, pet owners cannot notice the presence of pinworms. But your pet might experience skin irritation, redness, and itching near the rear ends. The infection can transmit through the feces.

If you suspect that your pet has this infection, you can consider treatment. The vet will check to know if pinworm eggs are there in the intestine or not. Also, pinworms are not easy to cure since bunnies are coprophagic. They can infect themselves. Your vet might prescribe anti-parasitic medicines to treat the condition. Besides, you will have to take care of the cleanliness to prevent further damage.


Your pet might also have a tapeworm infection. Cittotaenia variabilis can cause tapeworm infection. Rabbits can ingest Cittotaenia variabilis while consuming infected hay. Also, humans can get this infection if they eat rabbit meat without proper cooking. However, it is not a matter of concern for humans.

Do rabbits like mealworms?

Do rabbits like mealworms
Do rabbits like mealworms?

Yes, rabbits like mealworms, and you can offer them mealworms in small portions. Remember, rabbits eat bugs. Rabbits can eat earthworms and mealworms. Your pet likes mealworms since it survives on a hay or bran diet. Wild rabbits find mealworms and plant the same when they are hungry.

However, you will have to avoid offering in large quantities. If the portion is more, it can impact the fragile digestive system of bunnies. Rabbits cannot eat worms in any form in a large amount. In brief, they can eat mealworms like insects.

My rabbit chases flies and moths

Your bunny might love to chase moths and flies. Rabbits find it fascinating to chase flying insects. They love the noise, and they follow it to have fun. Also, moths and flies might fly in circles, and that may inspire your bunny to start playing.

The rabbit will try its best to knock flies out of the air. Your pet might end up having them in its mouth and accidentally ingest. However, flies are not safe to eat.

They cannot eat flies since flies carry diseases and can harm your rabbit. Flies can cause flystrike, and it is a deadly medical condition.

You will have to maintain cleanliness to avoid the presence of flies in the summer months. Moths can be present in the hay, and your rabbit might end up eating them accidentally.

Do rabbits get sick if they eat a bug?

Rabbits love to chase insects, and they can catch bugs and other insects. Also, they might end up eating bugs. However, bugs might not harm your pet.

But pesticide and insecticide exposure can make bugs ill. If your rabbit eats infected or sick bugs, it might feel unwell. If you notice any sign of illness, you can talk to your vet.

Would a rabbit eat ticks or fleas?

Yes, your rabbit can eat fleas and ticks. If rabbits find ticks and fleas around, they will do everything to remove them. Your pet might eat ticks to eliminate them.

However, infected ticks and fleas might make your pet sick. Hence, you will have to ensure that your rabbit does not have access to them. Also, fleas can carry tapeworm larvae and can cause internal parasites in rabbits.

Would my rabbit try to eat bees or wasps?

No, rabbits will not eat wasps and bees. However, they are the most dangerous insects for your pet. Wasps and bees can build a hive in the cage of your rabbit Your pet might not eat them. But, wasps and bees can cause stress to those creatures.

Hence, you will have to ensure that there is no sweet food in the cage. Sweet foods can attract bees and wasps.

Why would a rabbit eat bugs?

Your pet can eat bugs. But rabbits do not like to eat bugs. However, they might end up eating a few due to the following conditions.


Bunnies might eat insects accidentally while eating grass or hay. Also, commercially available rabbit foods might have insects in a small amount.


Bunnies will not welcome bugs to their territory. If your rabbit finds bugs in its cage, it will try to kill those unwanted guests.

Also, unneutered rabbits are more aggressive. They will not welcome bugs to their place. Also, some bugs will not harm your rabbit.

Should I go to the vet if my rabbits eat bugs?

You do not need to visit a vet unless your pet shows some concerning behavior or illness. Many pet owners feel stressed when they see their bunnies eating bugs. However, bugs will not harm your pet. The stomach of your rabbit will pass it.

But there is no point in allowing your rabbit to eat insects. It is worth mentioning that some bugs might have infections. If your rabbit eats them, it might develop health issues.

Do rabbits like to eat grasshoppers?

No, your rabbit will not eat grasshoppers. But, rabbits might end up eating grasshoppers accidentally. Also, rabbits are predators. They cannot attack and kill grasshoppers. In addition to all these, grasshoppers can be dangerous to your rabbit.

If grasshoppers have insecticides, they can harm your rabbit. Also, grasshoppers can carry parasites. That is harmful to rabbits.

My rabbit keeps eating bugs.

Your pet might not experience health issues while eating bugs as their food. But you will have to make sure that your pet does not have access to bugs. As stated above, some bugs can harm your rabbit. Hence, you will have to maintain the cleanliness of your bunny’s hutch. You will have to ensure that your rabbit has access to quality hay. Besides, you will have to find out the cause. You will have to know when and why your rabbit has this instinct.

How do I stop a rabbit from eating insects?

You might need to follow some techniques to stop this behavior. You will have to make sure that bugs are not accessible to your home. You can do this by maintaining cleaning. Also, you can use some sprays and repellents. Make sure that your home is rabbit-proof and allow your pet to move around safely. We can say that you will have to create an insect-free zone to stop the insect-eating behavior of your rabbit.

Related Question:

What are 3 things rabbits can eat?

When it comes to insects, rabbits can eat caterpillars, crickets, and ants. Yes, your rabbit can eat all of them with its food and might not experience any health issues. Even if they are safe, your pet should not eat them regularly. Regular consumption might cause health issues. Also, if any inspect has an infection or other issues, your rabbit might be sick. You will have to talk to your vet if you notice any health issues.

Final thoughts

What insects do rabbits eat? Rabbits are herbivores but can eat some insects. However, rabbits will not eat insects intentionally. They do not like the taste. Also, these animals are not predators. They cannot attack or kill insects. But they can end up eating insects by mistake. Some insects are not safe for rabbits.

Also, insects might carry dangerous infections, and your pet might feel sick in no time. Hence, you will have to ensure that your rabbit does not have access to insects. If your pet eats accidentally and shows illness symptoms, you will have to reach out to your vet.