Why do white rabbits have red eyes

Why do white rabbits have red eyes? We are here to tell you everything about why some white rabbit breeds have beautiful red eyes, whether or not they need special attention and many more.

Why do white rabbits have red eyes
Why do white rabbits have red eyes

The white rabbits are also known as an albino rabbit. They are completely white in color and has no other pigment on the skin or on the fur. The reason for their red eyes is that the albino rabbits do not have the melanin particle for reflecting.

In an albino rabbit, an enzyme named tyrosinase is responsible for stripping the melanin pigment from the rabbit’s eyes and fat. Hence their iris tends to reflect the light right from their blood vessels.

What causes red eyes in rabbits?

The main cause of red eyes in rabbit breeds is the absence of the melanin pigment called eumelanin and pheomelanin. While eumelanin is responsible for having dark brown colored eyes the pheomelanin is responsible for having a brown hue in the eye and the fur.

Many people think that the main reason for the red-colored eyes in rabbits is because of the presence of a pigment.

That is not true! There is no red pigment present in the eyes of the rabbit to make it appear red in color. In fact, the reason for their eyes to appear red is because their iris can actually reflect the light from their blood vessels.

Do rabbits have good eyesight?

Do rabbits have good eyesight
Do rabbits have good eyesight?

Talking about whether or not the rabbits have perfect eyesight, the answer can be both yes and no. The rabbits can have good far sight. This means rabbits can see things from a long distance very well. Their eyes are capable of locating and detecting predators from various directions.

The main reason for this is because rabbits eyes are located on two sides of their skull and the placement of rabbits eyes is also quite high. While this can provide them with great eyesight, they also have a blind spot for the things present in front of them.

The red eyed rabbits i.e. the albino rabbits have a slightly different vision than that of the other bunnies.

Why do rabbits have albinophobia?

Now that you know why some white rabbit breeds have red eyes, you have to know why rabbits can have albinophobia.

This is because of their different appearance and features. The albino genes make the rabbits different from other rabbits.

Do red eyed rabbits have poor eyesight?

Do red eyed rabbits have poor eyesight
Do red eyed rabbits have poor eyesight?

Yes the albino rabbit breeds or the red eyed rabbits tend to have poor eyesight than that of the other rabbits. That doesn’t mean that they have horrible eyesight but they have to take more time for scanning the environment before this and move ahead.

The rabbits with red eyes are also quite sensitive to sunlight.

Hence, it can be an issue for them to see properly when the sun is shining bright.

More or less every rabbit has a difficulty in seeing the accurate depth of the field because their eyes are located high on two sides of the skulls. This can give them a larger field of vision.

Red eyed rabbits can take much more time in scanning the field or the environment.

Does Albinism put a rabbit’s health in danger?

Many people think that albinism can be dangerous but that is not true. The albinism is caused because of the albino gene and it is not considered harmful.

None of the researches has got any ethical concerns about albino rabbits. So, albinism does not put the health of a rabbit in danger.

Which white rabbit breeds have red eyes?

The albino rabbits are the white rabbits with red eyes. They have thick fur coat which is completely white in color without any other pigment present on them.

They also have red eyes because of the absence of melanin pigment in them.

Red eye infection in rabbits

While having red eyes is normal in albino rabbits, having only red eyes doesn’t make that rabbit albino. The answer to why do white rabbits have red eyes is quite simple but what about other rabbits with red eyes?

Albino rabbits have white fur or skin with red eyes. But red eyes without white fur or skin can be the reason of red eye infection.

This condition is also called hyperemia. Red eye infection in rabbits can be due to presence of a lot of blood in there ciliary blood vessels, episcleral and conjuctival. Some other causes behind the red eye infection are glaucoma, bacterial infections, allergies, conjunctivitis and fungal infections.

Do white rabbits need special attention?

Do white rabbits need special attention
Do white rabbits need special attention?

Yes, the white rabbits or albino pet rabbits will need some special attention from their owners.

Because of their white skin, they can become an easy target for animals who are trying to poach them. As pigments are lacking from the rabbit’s eye, it affects their vision.

Hence, that can make it difficult for them to find out the foods and also to avoid dangers.

Why do I never see albino rabbits in the wild?

You will not see the albino pet rabbits in the wild very often. There are very less common in the wild and more common in domesticated homes.

As mentioned above, the albino rabbits need some special care and attention as it can be difficult for them to find foods on their own in the wild and to protect them from the predators.

Also, the albino rabbits that are present in the wild spend most of their time hiding underground to keep themselves safe and protected.

What breeds of rabbits are prone to Albinism?

There are many breeds of rabbits in this world with different sizes, shapes and eye colors. If you are here to know about the breeds of white rabbits that has red eyes, then you are exactly at the right place. There are some breeds that are prone to albinism.

  • CALIFORNIAN RABBITS: Californian rabbits are one of the most popular breed of rabbits that you can find. They are very much energetic in nature and they are quite friendly to humans too. They are quite prone to albinism which can result into thick white fur and red eyes.
  • FLORIDA WHITE: The Florida White rabbits are the only rabbits which will always have white fur and beautiful red eyes. They are considered one of the most human friendly rabbit breed and many people love to have them as their pet.
  • NEW ZEALAND WHITE RABBIT: The New Zealand white rabbits are snow-white in color with beautiful red eyes. They are characterized by dense coat of fur and are very intelligent in nature. This breed is actually the inspiration behind the Easter bunny.

Why does my rabbit have red eyes but not white fur?

You will notice that some of the rabbits can have red eyes but their fur is not white. The main reason behind this is not the albino gene but a condition called hyperemia or other infection in the rabbit’s eye.

We have discussed above about the hyperemia condition. It can be also because of bacterial and fungal infections. You can take your rabbit to the vet and he/she can diagnose the problem accurately for you.

Albino rabbits

The albino pet rabbits are beautiful and very delicate in nature. They have white fur or skin along with bright red eyes. Their pale fur and red eye is caused because of the absence of the melanin pigment in them.

The albino gene in the rabbits can remain hidden in their DNA. They have some characteristics like:

Albinism is a recessive trait.

Yes, it is a recessive trait. According to some of the studies, two rabbits that aren’t albino can reproduce albino baby rabbit. The main reason behind this is the albinism is a recessive trait that can remain hidden in the DNA of rabbit.

Albinism can be caused due to the mutations of many genes at a time.

Poor eyesight

The eyesight of the albino pet rabbits can be weaker or poorer than that of the non-albino ones. It can take them a longer time for scanning the environment before they can move. This makes them a little more vulnerable than that of the other rabbits.

Sensory to light

As mentioned above, they can be quite sensible to lights, especially sun light. When the sun shines very brightly, it can cause a discomfort to their eyes. This can weaken their eyesight and they can have a problem in moving. So, they prefer to remain in the shelter or in a shade during the day time.

Do rabbits with red eyes have good eyesight?

Now that you already know the reason about why do white rabbits have red eyes, it is important to know whether or not they have adequate eyesight. While non-albino rabbits tend to have decent eyesight, the albino rabbit can lag a little behind.

They can spot things from a very good distance but it can take more time than that of the non- albino rabbits. This is because of the fewer rods present in their eyes. Also, the sunlight can cause more hindrance and discomfort for them.

Is having red eyes harmful for rabbits?

No, having red eyes is not harmful if the rabbit is albino. If not, then the red eyes can be a sign of some infection or serious condition. Visit your vet right away to get help!

What other eye color can rabbits have?

Besides red color of the eyes, rabbits can have mini combination of eyes like blue and grey, Brown and only blue. Rabbits can also have marbled eyes which can have a unique pattern of different colors mentioned above.

Sometimes a rabbit can have two different colors of eyes. This is a condition called sectoral heterochromia.

Do all albino rabbits have red eyes?

Yes, your albino rabbit generally have red eyes and no pigment on their skin or fur. But there are certain albino rabbits that have blue eyes too. This can be a very rare situation.

Are there any wild rabbits with red eyes?

Once you know why do white rabbits have red eyes, you have to know if they are present in wild rabbits. The rabbits with red eyes are the ones that have albinism.

You can find albino rabbits in the wild with red eyes.

But you may not see them very often because they are commonly found as pets.

Can I breed an Albino Rabbit?

Yes you can breed an albino rabbit as there are no particular legal restrictions regarding breeding of an albino rabbit.

These albino genes are not considered harmful at all and also there are no ethical concerns regarding the same if you breed two pure albino rabbits together.

Can non-Albino rabbits have red eyes?

Yes, even a non-albino rabbit can have red eyes. But that can be a reason for concern. Rabbits with albino gene don’t have the melanin pigments. But when non-albino rabbits have red eyes it can be due to an infection or some disease.