Can Pet Rabbits Have Allergies?

I was cuddling my rabbit the other day and wondered can pet rabbits have allergies to? I decided to do some research of my own to find the answer. Turns out i was very shocked with my research! I have listed 6 common types below so you can easily spot them in your bunny.

can pet rabbits have allergies
pet rabbit with allergies

Yes rabbits can have different types of allergies. Your tiny friend might be allergic to environmental allergens and some foods. If you notice that the bunny has watery eyes, a running nose, and sneezing, it might be suffering from allergies. All these symptoms are the indication of allergic reactions. Your rabbit can get allergies from cleaning products, smokes, strong scents, or bedding as well.

Now you know rabbits can get allergies. However, some bunnies are more allergic than others. Some might be allergic to hay and beddings. Therefore, it might not be possible for a pet parent to know the source. If you notice some symptoms, you can check the food and surroundings. If required, you can take the help of your vet.

Moreover, some pet owners do not understand allergic reactions. As a result, they ignore the symptoms or consider other treatments. However, it is essential to find out the source and treat the condition. Otherwise, prolonged exposure to allergens might cause severe health complications. Your pet might experience chronic rhinitis, respiratory infections, and bronchitis.

6 Common Causes of Pet Rabbit Allergies

Can pet rabbits have allergies to food? As stated earlier, your pet rabbit can have food allergies. In addition to food, rabbits can experience dust allergy, environmental allergy, bedding allergy, pellet allergy, or smoke allergy. Here are the details.

  • 1. Food Allergy

Some rabbits are allergic to certain types of foods. However, food allergies are genetic. They can be allergic to fruits, vegetables, and some other foods. Also, your pet might get allergic reactions to some foods eaten in the past. If you feel that your bunny has diarrhea or other stomach issues, it might be due to some foods. Some other symptoms are hair loss, ear problems, matted and unhealthy coats, and itching. You need to find out the allergy-causing food and eliminate it from your pet’s didiet.

  • 2. Dust Allergy

Your pet can have dust allergies. Many of us experience itching due to dust exposure. Yes, rabbits are no exception. Exposure to dust can cause discomfort to them. Particles of dust from the food, home, or surroundings can make your bunny sick. Dust allergy might lead to itching, inflamed eyes, and sneezing. Dust allergy is not a serious concern. Yes, it will go away when the source is not present. However, if your pet is super sensitive to dust, you will have to maintain the cleanliness of your home. A clean environment will minimize the discomfort and irritation caused by the dust.

  • 3. Environmental Allergy

Can pet rabbits have allergies to the environment? Yes, your rabbit can have environmental allergies. Like humans, some rabbits are also allergic to environmental irritants. These allergies might cause red eyes, nose discharge, itching, and rubbing the face. Also, prolonged exposure to pollutants might lead to respiratory infections. When it comes to irritants, essential oils, carpet cleaning products, mites and fleas, artificial scents, and air fresheners can cause environmental allergies. Here again, you will have to find out the source to eliminate the cause.

  • 4. Bedding Allergy

You might not even realize that the bunny might get allergies from its bed. Yes, soiled bedding can cause allergies to rabbits. When it comes to symptoms, your pet might have red, watery, and itching eyes. The bunny can have these symptoms when the bedding is dirty. Additionally, soiled bedding can cause ammonia. If it happens, your pet will have discomfort and irritations. Dirty bedding can cause physical and mental stress to rabbits. Also, it might compromise immunity. You can address this condition by cleaning or replacing the soiled bed of your pet.

  • 5. Pellet Allergy

Can pet rabbits have allergies to hay and pellet? Yes, your pet can have allergic reactions to both of these. Rabbits might have sneezing due to hay allergies. In that condition, you can consider different types of hays. You can also talk to a vet to find a more suitable hay solution for your pet. Also, some bunnies are sensitive to pellets. The symptoms are softer stools and less frequent defecating. You can eliminate pellets from your rabbit’s diet to notice the difference.

  • 6. Smoke Allergy

Your pet might be allergic to smokes. Yes, fumes and cigarette smoke can cause eye irritation to your pet. The bunny will have watery eyes and red eyes. We can say that your pet will have all the symptoms that you experience with smoke allergies. You can address the condition by eliminating the source. You can avoid any smoke inside your home to create a comfortable environment for your pet. It is worth mentioning that smoke allergies can cause chronic conditions when not addressed.

How Do I Know If My Rabbit Has Allergies

You can be confused between allergies and other health issues. Also, the bunny might have the same symptoms while getting cold and allergic reactions. You might not be able to know the exact cause. Additionally, your pet might not show any symptoms immediately. Therefore, it will not be easier to find out the source. You can look for the signs to find out the cause. Some common symptoms of allergies are scratching, itching, nose discharge, diarrhoea, feet licking, ear problems, red and water eyes, and hair loss. Also, the symptoms will vary based on the allergic sources. For example, food allergy will cause loose stool, and environmental irritants will impact eyes and skin.

Also, it might take many months for your pet to show some noticeable signs. You might see skin lesions and fur loss after months. Apart from that, symptoms will start to worsen when the immunity cannot fight the constant and prolonged exposure. Therefore, you will have to address the issue fast to prevent further complications. If you have any confusion, you can talk to your vet to know the cause. Once you find the source, you can eliminate it and treat the condition.

Can Bunnies Have Seasonal Allergies?

can pet rabbits have seasonal allergies
seasonal allergies in pet rabbits

Can pet rabbits have allergies during season change? Yes, your bunny might have seasonal allergies. But, it is infrequent than humans. Also, all the rabbits will not have seasonal allergies. When it comes to symptoms, seasonal allergies might cause sneezing and watery eyes in rabbits. Seasonal allergies are not harmful. However, if it is persistent, you can reach out to your vet.

Can pet rabbits have allergies inside the home? Yes, they can have when allergens are present around. For example, if your bunny is allergic to smoke, fume or perfumes, the presence of these things can cause allergies to the tiny creature. Therefore, you will have to eliminate the source to prevent the condition.

Ways To Prevent Common Allergies In Rabbits

how to prevent allergies in pet rabbits
preventing allergies in rabbits

As stated above, your bunny might experience allergic symptoms due to many reasons. When the allergy is caused by the food, your vet might do a blood test to know which food is causing the allergy. The professional might ask you to eliminate that food from your rabbits diet for a few weeks or permanently based on the severity of the reaction.

For environmental irritants, you can use a fan to ensure proper ventilation. Also, you can install a HEFA filter and clean the air ducts to minimize the presence of allergens. Additionally, you can maintain the cleanliness of your home to remove all the dust allergens. Apart from that, you can replace your floor cleaning agents with natural cleaning solutions to eliminate the source of allergies. If your perfume is causing allergies, you can change it. Also, you can use scentless detergents.

When the dirty bedding is the source, you can clean the bedding of your pet frequently. When the bedding type or material is behind the allergic reaction, you can consider replacing it. It is worth mentioning that wood chip bedding and newspaper bedding can cause allergies in rabbits. You can change the material and see the difference

You can focus on preventive measures instead of treating the condition. For example, if you are allergic to dust, you will maintain cleanliness to prevent the symptoms. The same applies to your pet. Know the cause and eliminate the source. Even if the sign is mild, you will have to address it. Otherwise, your rabbit might develop severe conditions after a time.

Additionally, you can talk to your vet if the symptoms are persistent after eliminating the source. The vet might prescribe some medications that include corticosteroids and antihistamines to manage the symptoms. Also, the vet might suggest a blood test to know the cause.


Can pet rabbits have allergies? Yes, your pet can have different types of allergies, like you. However, most of the symptoms are manageable. But you will have to find out the source to minimize the impact. Also, if you know the cause, you can prevent a recurrence. Some allergies might cause severe health issues. Therefore, you should not ignore any allergies. If you notice any discomfort related to allergies, you should find out the cause. When it is caused by food, bedding, environmental irritants, you can eliminate the source. When reasons are unknown, visit your vet to manage the symptoms and know the source.