Do rabbits fart

Do rabbits fart? Well, rabbits are an herbivorous animal. During the process of metabolism and digestion, gas produces and it must be let go. So, whether or not the rabbits can fart and what is normal and not and to know more about these in details, read on.

do rabbits fart
Do rabbits fart

Yes, rabbits do fart! In fact, rabbits need to fart. Though it may sound funny to you, but it is true that the bunny who is hopping around here and there can fart too. You may not hear them farting often and may be not ever. But passing gas is quite normal for rabbits.

This is important for their digestive health. Building up of the gas can be really painful (sometimes fatal) for the rabbits. Hence, it is important for them to pass gas to stay healthy and fit.

Why does my rabbit fart?

why does my rabbit fart
why does my rabbit fart

Gas can produce during the process of your rabbits digestive systems and it needs to be passed away through farting. Though passing gas or farting is normal for rabbits, too much of farting can be a sign of something else. If you are noticing that your rabbit is farting too much, then it can be any of these three issues:


Water is an essential part of your rabbit’s diet. It can help in preventing gas. If your rabbit is not drinking enough water, then it can lead to dehydration. Dehydration can cause imbalance of the electrolytes in your rabbit. This can lead to trapping of gas in your rabbit’s abdomen. Hence, they can fart too often.

Eating too fast

As much as it is important to look after what your rabbits are eating, it is also important to check how they are eating. When your rabbit eats food too quickly, they swallow a lot of air. This can increase the risk of gas accumulation. The worst part is they cannot expel that air through their mouth. Hence, they start farting a lot in order to expel that excess air from their system.


Emotional stress or anxiety in rabbits can have a direct impact on how your rabbit’s digestive system works. It can also have an impact on the thyroid gland of the rabbit and this overactive gland can experience buildup of gas.

Is it true that rabbits can’t pass gas?

There are many claims that rabbits cannot fart. But that is not true as gas will produce due to the digestion process. The gas will keep on building up if the rabbits don’t fart. So, yes the rabbit can fart and also they should fart to have a healthy digestive system.

Will you hear or smell a rabbit fart?

Will you hear or smell a rabbit fart
Will you hear or smell a rabbit fart?

Most of the time, you cannot hear the sound of rabbits farting. Though some rabbit owners claim that they hear noises of their rabbits farting, there are no such evidences that can point on the fact whether or not the rabbit farts can make sound. So, you may not hear them.

Talking about rabbit farts smell, there is no such formal research about this. But generally, the smell of the fart comes from the protein ingestion. As the diet of rabbits is low in protein and very high in fiber, you will not smell the fart of the rabbits. You can only smell it when the rabbit eats something that they are not supposed to eat.

Can gassiness hurt a rabbit?

When gas is formed in the rabbit’s abdomen, they can generally pass it away. But due to excessive gas production, rabbits may not be able to pass the gas. This condition is called bloat. In such cases, gassiness can hurt the rabbits. They can have abdomen pain and if you ignore, this can lead to some fatal conditions.

When your rabbit is suffering from gassiness, it is better to treat your rabbit as quickly as possible. One of the symptoms of gassiness in rabbits is – the gurgling noise coming from the stomach of your rabbit.

Treatment of Bloat

Bloat or buildup of gas can be fatal and painful for the rabbits. If it is left untreated for a longer time, it can cause serious issue. If you notice any sign of bloating in your rabbit, you have to immediately take it to the vet.

Taking your rabbit to the vet right away can actually help you to relieve any obstruction that is causing the bloating. The vet can try some pain therapy and also high levels of fluid therapy.

What foods cause rabbits to have more gas?

Now you know rabbits can fart, you have to know the foods that can effect your rabbit’s digestive system and are causing this issue. The main problem of gas comes from the foods like kale, broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower. If you feed alot of these in your rabbit’s diet, then it can lead to more gas formation.

Do rabbit farts smell bad?

No, the rabbit farts don’t smell bad . But if they eat something that they shouldn’t have, then it can affect the smell of their fart and it can smell bad.

Can stress make my rabbits fart?

Yes, as mentioned above, stress can cause formation of gas in your rabbit. This can lead to the farting of rabbits. Hence, stressed or anxious rabbits fart more.

How can I help my rabbit fart?

Sometimes, the gas buildup can be too painful for the rabbits to handle. In such a situation, you can help your little buddy to fart. With the help of a medicine named pediatric simethicone, you can help the rabbits to pass the painful gas. This can be quite effective to relieve them from the pain and irritation.

What should I do if my rabbit has gas?

You can either give them a tummy massage or encourage them into more physical activities. This can help them to pass the gas and be free. You can learn about these techniques and more below about how to help a gassy rabbit.

Symptoms of something more serious

Symptoms of something more serious
Symptoms of something more serious

Besides the abdominal pain, there are some symptoms that can point out to serous health issues like:

  • Excessive level of flatulence
  • Extremely bloated rabbit
  • Reduction or loss of appetite
  • Lethargy and illness

In case your rabbit shows any of these symptoms, it is important to immediately take your rabbit to the vet. With close examination, they can help your rabbit to get better and check your rabbit’s digestive system is working correctly.

What should I do if I have never heard my rabbits fart?

Now that the answer to the question do rabbits fart’ is quite clear, many people say that they have never heard a rabbit to fart. Most of the time, the farts of the rabbits are completely scentless as well as silent to the noses and ears of human.

So, it is normal if you have never heard your rabbit fart. If your rabbit is well and fine like usual, then there is nothing to worry about. But if your rabbit is showing any of these symptoms mentioned below, then you need to take your rabbit to the vet. Symptoms are:

  • Gurgling sound from stomach
  • Grinding their teeth
  • Loss of appetite
  • Lethargy
  • Has a hunched posture
  • Pushes their stomach against floor

Does farting mean my rabbit is sick?

We have already told about this under do rabbits fart’ that it is completely normal for healthy rabbits to pass gas or fart. Formation of gas is a natural thing in digestive process and passing of the gas too is natural for the rabbits.

But sometimes, the rabbits can fart too much and this means that they are gassy. In that case, you have to look for other symptoms mentioned above. Even if your rabbits are not showing those symptoms, you can still call your vet and let him/her know. They can guide you in the right way about your rabbits fart.

Can rabbits have gas but not fart?

It is impossible not to fart when the rabbits have gas. Of course, gas formation is natural but it has to be passed out. If the rabbit is not farting but still have gas, then it can lead to several health issues. It is not at all natural. Buildup of gas may be a sign of something sinister in the rabbit’s digestive tract or can lead to Gi Stasis and this can be serious. Contact your vet right away!

GI Stasis

Gi stasis Gastrointestinal Stasis which is one of the very common conditions related to the gut health. This condition is related to the buildup of too much of gas in your stomach. Gi Stasis can happen when the digestive system of your rabbit is slowed down drastically.

Sometimes when the bowel movement completely stops, it can lead to Gi Stasis. The common reasons for the rabbits to suffer from this condition are:

  • Lack of physical activities
  • Bad diet (eating anything that they shouldn’t have eaten)
  • Pain due to other health problems
  • Too much of stress and anxiety

This Gi Stasis condition can be treated by a professional vet. But if it is left untreated, then it can be quite deadly. Hence, if your rabbit is not pooping or eating for about 8 to 10 hours, then you need to contact a vet right away.

What food gives rabbits gas?

What food gives rabbits gas
What food gives rabbits gas?

Your rabbits diet and some foods that can cause gas in rabbits are:


Broccoli is very nutritious and healthy, it can be one of the biggest reasons for gas in rabbits. Hence, make sure to avoid broccoli.


Another leafy vegetable that can be bad for the rabbits is cabbage. This can cause a lot of gas formation during the digestive process. This can lead to a lot of bloating and health issues.


Though rabbits can eat sprouts, you must avoid this food if your rabbit is prone to gas. Sprouts can lead to gas buildup and extreme abdominal pain too.

How do you tell if a rabbit has a gas buildup?

There are some signs that all rabbit lovers can look for to know if your rabbit has a gas buildup. Some of these signs and symptoms are:

  • Stomach Bloat
  • Loss of appetite
  • Lethargy
  • Hunched posture of rabbit
  • Too much of farting
  • Gurgling sound from rabbit’s stomach

Can excessive gas cause medical issues in a rabbit?

Yes, too much of gas buildup can cause some medical issues in your rabbit. Some of these issues can be fatal too. Hence, you have to make sure that you are helping the rabbit to relieve the gas.

How do I help a gassy rabbit?

To help a gassy rabbit farting, you have to follow these steps:


You need to make your rabbit move or do some physical activities. This can help in passing of the gas.


Slowly and gently massage the stomach of your rabbit to help them release the gas build up. A gentle massage can be quite helpful and also comforting for your rabbit to relieve the pain.


This is one of the safest options that you can try. With the help of the pediatric simethicone, you can help your rabbit to pass away the gas build up effectively.

Final thoughts

So yes rabbits can fart. Many rabbit owners take it very casually about their rabbit farting. Well, this is not something that you can take casually. Due to lack of farting, a gas build up can happen in the stomach leading to several health issues. Sometimes it can be fatal too for your rabbit. Hence, take your rabbit to a vet right away and get the best treatment.