Do rabbits understand kisses?

Many people around the world have a pet rabbit. Rabbits, no doubt, can make excellent pets. But there are a lot of questions that rabbit owners have in their mind regarding their pet rabbits. One of the most frequently asked questions is – Do rabbits understand kisses?

Well, when it comes to kissing pets, opinions can vary a lot. Rabbits are cute and there can be a genuine temptation of kissing them to show your rabbits love. Do they understand it? Is it safe to kiss the rabbits? Or should you stick to just kissing the rabbit’s head?

All these questions have probably come to your mind. We are here to answer all these questions for you to ensure lots of rabbit happiness.

do rabbits understand kisses
Do rabbits understand kisses

Does a pet rabbit like kissing?

One thing that you have to know is that many rabbits do not kiss humans or fellow rabbits to show their affection. These pets mainly rely on grooming for showing their affection and love.

So, the reaction of your pet rabbit on being kissed can depend on the rabbit’s personality.

Most rabbits do like some boundaries when it comes to human contact. The rabbits are generally very shy and being touched or kissed can make them more uncomfortable as they can misunderstand the intention. But on the other hand some other rabbits do love to be kissed.

Can I teach my rabbits to kiss me?

Yes, you will be able to teach your pet rabbits to kiss you. But this needs a command word or phrase that you have to use for making them kiss you or anyone. You can use simple words like kiss’ or kisses’ while you kiss the rabbits back.

This can help to get inside the mind of the rabbit. Your rabbit will be aware of that word and will perform the same. But you have to know that rabbits don’t kiss like humans.

Their kiss is more of rubbing noses or a simple lick. These are the ways to show affection and licking is the best way to show affection for the rabbits.

Do rabbits know when you kiss them?

Do rabbits know when you kiss them
Do rabbits know when you kiss them

The rabbits do know the affection and understand when you try to show some affection to them for bonding. But the main question here is do rabbits know when you kiss them?

They may not understand the kisses initially if you give it to them. As mentioned above, you have to use the command words like kiss’ or kisses’ and then kiss them.

Once this gets into the mind or head of the rabbit, then they will understand that you are kissing them when you do later on.

Is it dangerous to kiss a rabbit?

As it is quite clear to you that you can kiss rabbits and you can teach them to reciprocate too, the next important question that people ask is – whether or not kissing the rabbits is dangerous.

It is very unlikely to get any diseases or unwanted parasites from the rabbits whilst kissing them. A well groomed and healthy rabbit will not carry any parasite or disease.

But it is better to not be too intimate while you kiss a rabbit. Even a healthy bunny can still carry some of the diseases like – ringworm, cryptosporidiosis and pasteurellosis etc. Besides that, it can also have ticks and fleas too. So, be very careful when you kiss the rabbits.

Is it safe to kiss a rabbit?

do rabbits understand kisses and is it safe
Is it safe to kiss a rabbit

Yes, giving your rabbit a kiss is completely safe unless and until you are pregnant or you have some diseases that can get worse. Pregnant women have weaker immune systems and kissing a rabbit at that time can compromise their wellbeing.

Even if you are not pregnant or do not have any complicated diseases, it is better to kiss on the top of the head of your pets rather than on the face or mouth.

Don’t forget to groom your rabbits properly before you kiss them even if it is for a few seconds. While kissing, it is better if you get down to the level of your rabbit. It is a better idea than picking up the rabbit and then trying to give them a kiss.

Rabbit body language to tell if your rabbit is enjoying you

It is quite easy to tell if your rabbit loves you or is enjoying you. You have to notice whether or not your rabbit is interacting with you. If it does, then your rabbit likes you.

You can also look for some of the additional behavioral traits to know if your rabbit likes you or not:

  • Grooming themselves like licking
  • Rabbits purr
  • Running or hopping around your feet
  • Sleeping or relaxing near you
  • Demanding to be petted

How do you know if your rabbit is happy?

How do you know if your rabbit is happy
How do you know if your rabbit is happy

Just like the personalities of two human beings are different, two rabbits can also be different when it comes to their personality. While some pet rabbits are quite easier to bond with, some can be too moody or too shy to bond.

When a rabbit is happy and is in a good mood around you, it likes you. Now that you know rabbits can understand kisses, you have to know if your rabbits are happy or not.

Listen carefully if they are making a purring sound. It is more like a teeth grinding sound. If the rabbits make that sound, they are happy.

How do you know if your rabbit doesn’t like you?

Rabbits, as mentioned above, like to maintain a certain boundary when it comes to human contact. You kiss the rabbits only when they are friendly and happy. In some cases, the rabbits will show that they don’t like you or not liking your presence around them.

They cannot speak, of course. So, you have to understand the signs and gestures to know whether or not the rabbits like you.

Grunting is one of the signs of fear or displeasure when it comes to rabbits. If a rabbit is grunting at you, then you have to understand that the rabbit does not like your presence.

They are either threatened by your presence or don’t like the way you are handling it. In that, it is better to avoid being around the rabbit.

How do rabbits show affection?

The best way the rabbits can show affection is by grooming. They absolutely love it when it comes to grooming themselves. The grooming, when it comes to rabbits, is not only about keeping themselves clean. But it is one of the parts of the entire grooming practice.

Grooming is a one of the ways to feel safe and to neutralize the scent so that the predator cannot smell them.

Also, grooming can sooth them and provide more comfort. It can help them to calm down too when they feel anxious or agitated. Hence, if the rabbit is nuzzling gently around you or trying to lick you, nibbling you, then they are showing love and affection to you.

This is one of the signs of them showing love or affection.

Do rabbits understand affection?

Just like the answer to your question if rabbits know the meaning of kisses, the answer to whether or not the rabbits understand affection is also – yes!

They understand the concept of affection as well as kisses. Once you bond well with your rabbit, you will understand that bunnies can show affection as well as can understand affection too.

How do I make my rabbit cuddly?

To make your rabbit cuddly, you have to follow certain steps. You cannot just go and start cuddling with the bunnies.

This can scare them off or even make them uncomfortable. So, follow these steps:

  • You have to offer the rabbit some treats whenever you are coming closer to them. Most of the bunnies like treats and they feel highly motivated
  • You have to then pet your rabbit gently while giving them treats too
  • Gently get near to the rabbit and slowly lay just next to the rabbit for cuddling
  • Once the rabbit starts showing affection to you while you lay next to the rabbit, start to cuddle slowly

How to show your rabbit you love them

Most bunnies are quite good at understanding love and affection.

If you want to show your rabbit that you love them, then follow these 4 tips:

  • Never ever rush them as that can make them anxious and agitated
  • Make sure to sit or lay quietly next to them and let them approach you rather than you making the first move
  • Gently pet or stroke your rabbit to make them feel comfortable and loved
  • Once they get comfortable, give a light kiss on the top of their head

Related questions:

Do bunnies know you love them?

This is one of the common questions that people ask related to if their rabbit understands kisses. Yes, the bunnies can understand and will know that you love them. Bunnies do love affection and attention. They will enjoy gentle stroking and cuddling.

My final thoughts

This is all about rabbit body language and if the rabbit knows what kisses mean. Hopefully, you have got the answers to all the questions that you had in your mind.

Make sure to give the space, time and love to your pet rabbit to be much more free and closer to you. Once they feel comfortable around you, your rabbit can show affection and with training they can also learn to kiss your back.