10 Things To Know About Rabbit Poop

Do you know your rabbits are very good at pretending to be healthy even when they’re not? But there is one thing they can’t hide, their poop! Yes, you’ve read it right. If you want to know the health status of your rabbit, look at their poop and you’ll find if they’re well or not.

rabbit poop

Rabbits poop way too much. In fact, this is the first thing you’ll learn about your pets. But the good thing is, their poop isn’t gross like the poop of other pets. It’s dry and odorless, similar to dry cocoa balls. It is very easy to clean and most importantly it gives an idea of your rabbit’s health.

This is because the health of a rabbit depends on the health of its digestive system which is very delicate. So, the illnesses can be tracked early by looking at the pooping habits of a rabbit. For this reason, you should check your rabbit’s poop daily to make sure all is well.

In this guide, we will discuss 10 things you should know about your rabbit’s poop. We’ll walk you through what a healthy and unhealthy poop looks like and the reasons behind them as well. This article is gonna be very informative, so make sure to read it till the end.

What Does Rabbit Poop Tell About Its Health

To monitor your bunny’s health from its poop, you’ll have to understand the difference between a normal and abnormal poop. More than the size, you should pay attention to the consistency of poop. It doesn’t matter if your rabbit’s poop is the size of a pea or a chickpea, but if it’s sticky and runny, you need to worry!

  • Average Healthy Rabbit Poops

Adult rabbits poop is usually uniform in shape and size with a size similar to a pea or a garbanzo. Further, the size of rabbit won’t decide the size of its poop.

  • Healthy Poops

Healthy poops are dry and friable. The latter term means they should be slightly stable, but if you press them between your fingers or apply a little pressure, they should crumble down in the form similar to a sawdust. Rabbit poops become very hard on drying, so if you want to test, use a fresher poop.

  • Inside The Rabbit Poop

If your rabbit is healthy and his poop is friable, you will find a good quantity of chewed up grass and hay when you break the poop. A good idea is to test the poop daily to have an idea of what a healthy poop looks like to your rabbit.

  • Color Of Rabbit Poop

The color of your rabbit’s poop depends entirely on his diet. It normally ranges from brown to dark brown, tan and sometimes even black. You shouldn’t be worried about the color of poop unless it’s very dark or very light. If the poop is too dark, your bunny is having too much protein and in this case you should shift him to a low-protein diet. Sometimes, the poop also gets affected by the pigmented food your rabbit ate. For example, if your bunny eats beetroot or blueberries, expect its poop and pee to be slightly tinted.

Yes, you have read it right. So, the next time you find your bunny eating its poop, don’t worry. These poops are called Cecotropes. These are normal poops and rabbits eat them to get enough nutrients to stay healthy. Sometimes bunnies make more droppings when they’re stressed or consuming a lot of sugar. This is not an alarming situation at all and it doesn’t happen that often. However, if your bunny gets a messy bottom or if he’s eating his poop very often, you may need to consider changing his diet.

Most of the time, cecotropes looks very similar to berries and can be broken into many pieces by your rabbit. They are usually soft, glossy and have white fibers in them. Sometimes they also emit odor which intensifies when the outer coating is disturbed.

This type of droppings are linked by hair as if a poop garland. This is again not an alarming situation. The spacing in the poops tells that your rabbit’s digestive system is working fine and the hair is getting pushed along with the other fibers.

If you notice such type of poop of your bunny, consider feeding him more fresh greens along with good quality hay. This will keep him hydrated and his gut moving. Moreover, make sure your bunny exercises enough every day.

  • Your Bunny’s Double Poop

The double poop forms mainly because of a “slow” gut. It happens when two single pills collide at the time of formation and result in a double poop. Double poops occur when your bunny is stressed or senior. If you rabbit starts dropping more than 3 double poops per day, you should consider calling you vet and asking for a gut booster for your bunny to get him back on track.

A healthy bunny’s poo should be of uniform shape and size.

  • Badly Formed Poop

Usually rabbits have pea-sized poop with uniform shape and size. However, when they don’t eat enough, they poop badly formed pills. This usually happens when your bunny is ill or came after a surgery. In such cases, he can’t eat properly which result in misshapen poops. This is normal after the surgery of bunny, but if your bunny doesn’t come back after surgery and pooping badly formed pills, it’s time to see a vet.

  • Thick Mucous Coming Along With Poops

Sometimes you may notice mucous in your bunny’s poop. It is very common when the pets are on antibiotics. However, it can also be caused when anything your pet eats, irritates its intestines. For example, your bunny might eat his first piece of celery in hurry without chewing. Similarly, other types of hard and solid foods can lead to the formation of mucous. Apart from this reason, mucous can also be a result of serious health complications like cecal disorder. If the mucous is persistent and is present in large quantities, consider visiting your vet.

  • Know About Cecal Dysbiosis

Cecal dysbiosis is a type of poop that is not fully formed and it has a pasty consistency. This poop is a bit smelly and usually caused by illness, stress or poor diet. If your rabbit’s diet is rich in sugar, fat or starch, cecal dysbiosis is very likely. Also, don’t confuse this kind of poop with regular cecotropes that has been smashed by your bunny. A good way to clear this doubt is waiting for another batch of poop. Cecal dysbiosis is very common in sick and elderly bunnies. If this poop is persistent, you need to visit your vet immediately.

BONUS - Signs Of Diarrhea

Diarrhea as such is very rare in bunnies and if it persists, it’s an alarming situation. If your rabbit is suffering from diarrhea, the reason could be very dangers. Either he has ingested something toxic or is attacked by a deadly parasite. Further, the reason behind the runny poops of baby rabbits can be ingestion of foods other than their mother’s milk. In simple words, they might have weaned earlier. But whatever the reason and age of a rabbit is, if he’s experiencing diarrhea, you should immediately visit your vet and get your pet treated. Diarrhea can be very dangerous to your little bunnies, it can even lead to death in the worst cases.

So, these were the 10 things you should know about your rabbit’s poop. To provide you with a better understanding, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions on rabbit poop.

Why Is Healthy Poop Important?

If you’re a rabbit parent, then you should know that these little animals have very sensitive digestive systems. Any kind of stress on their digestive tract can put their health at risk. This usually happens when they are eating things that they shouldn’t. As we already discussed above, a rabbit’s poop indicates its health status and how its digestive system is working. If the poop is healthy, this means your rabbit is fit and his gut is working well. However, an unhealthy poop is a sign that something is wrong with you lovely bunny.

What Are The Signs Of Healthy Poop In Rabbits?

Following are the signs of healthy poop in bunnies :

  • Size: The normal size of a healthy rabbit’s poop range from about the size of a pea to the size of a chickpea or garbanzo beans. Further, all the pills should be of same size and shape.
  • Shape: A normal rabbit’s poop is small and round in shape. If the droppings are badly formed, pasty or uneven, it can be due to the digestive problems and needs to checked immediately.
  • Color: The color of a healthy rabbit’s poop range from light brown to dark brown. As long as all the droppings have same color and size, there is nothing to worry about. However, if the color is very light or the consistency is not right, the reason could be a poor diet. In such cases, consult your vet and make the necessary diet changes.
  • Texture: Normally, a rabbit’s poop is slightly firm and dry. It isn’t very soft and mushy like the poop of other animals. When you try to press it with your fingers, it will break down into a dry crumble that mostly consists of chewed hay.
  • Smell: Rabbits’ poop isn’t smelly at all. And even if it smells, it won’t discomfort a human nose. If there is a bad smell coming from the litter box of your pet, it’s probably the smell of urine and not the poop.

What Are The Signs Of Unhealthy Poop in Rabbits?

Below are the most common signs of unhealthy poop in rabbits :

  • The poop is badly formed, size and shape are not uniform.
  • It is soft and moist.
  • There is mucous coming along with droppings.
  • The poop is pasty and smelly.
  • The poop is too big or too small.
  • The poop is watery or runny.
  • The poop is very dark or very light in color.
  • The poop comes along solid food particles.

Apart from these signs, constipation can also be very dangerous for your rabbits. If your bunny isn’t pooping at all even after eating his regular food, take him to the vet without wasting much time.

What Can Cause Unhealthy Poop?

The main reason that causes unhealthy poop is the diet of your bunny. If your rabbit’s diet consists of large amounts of sugar, starch and fat, it will definitely result in an unhealthy poop. Besides the diet, unhealthy poop can also be caused when your pet is sick, elderly or stressed.

How To Improve Unhealthy Poop Of My Rabbit?

If your rabbit is pooping abnormally, take them to the vet and get them treated. Next, consider improving his diet.

If you don’t already know, 80% of your rabbit’s diet should consist of hay, 20% should be fresh greens, vegetables and rabbit pellets. Avoid feeding your bunny food rich in sugar, fat and starch. You can feed him fruits in small quantities once or twice in a week.

Can I Use Rabbit’s Poop As Garden Fertilizer?

Yes, definitely!

If you have a garden, you can use your rabbit’s poop as a natural fertilizer. In fact, it is one of the best things you can supply your vegetable or flower beds. Unlike a dog or cat’s poop, rabbits dropping don’t carry diseases. Hence, they are very safe to use. The best part is, they are rich in nutrients, so your plants will thrive when you add them to the soil. You can either add them directly to the soil by smashing a little or add them to your compost.

That’s all for now!