Can Rabbits Eat Nettles

Can rabbits eat nettles? Let’s find out. The nettle is a flowering plant which is perennial in nature. They are characteristically unique because of the presence of sharp hairs on the nettle leaves. But these leaves are full of nutritional benefits. They are high in essential acids, vitamins and minerals.

can rabbits eat nettles

So, the main question here is – can rabbits eat nettles? Yes Rabbits love and enjoy nettle leaves. And because of all their amazing nutritional facts, it can be a good part of the rabbit’s natural diet.

Rabbits love nettles because of the taste. The tastiness adds some fun for the rabbit’s diet besides providing them the much needed health benefits. But if you want to feed your rabbit with these nettle leaves, then there are some important facts and details that you have to know from what nettle leaves to feed to how to feed them. Read on to know more.

Can Rabbits Eat Stinging Nettles?

The stinging nettle leaves are considered as one of the common weeds in America. There are many rabbit owners who ask whether or not their pet rabbit can eat these stinging nettles.

can rabbits eat stinging nettles

Well, the straight answer to this question is – yes! Your rabbits can eat stinging nettles in different forms. Whether you serve them fresh or as dried, rabbits love nettles in both the forms.

Generally, cooking recommended for neutralising the stingers or venom present in stinging nettles. But the best part is that the rabbits are totally immune to the stings of the nettles. Hence, it is completely safe for them to consume the stinging nettles without the need of cooking the leaves.

Your rabbit can safely eat these stinging nettles without being cooked. But make sure to wash them properly to wash off any animal waste, pesticides or chemicals from it.

But of course, you have to make sure that you are only feeding healthy and clean stinging nettles to your rabbit. While picking them up or feeding the nettles to you rabbit, make sure they are free from parasites, any chemicals or fungi.

Being open in the yard can expose the nettle leaves to many toxic elements which can be harmful for your rabbit.

Can Rabbits Eat Nettle Leaves?

When it comes to wild rabbits, they completely live on different types of herbs, weeds and grasses. These include nettles too which is widely found in different parts of the world.

can rabbits eat nettles leaves

If you are worried about – can bunnies have fresh nettles, then you must know wild as well as domestic rabbits will love munching on the nettles.

Some of the varieties of nettle leaves are completely safe for the rabbits and they can much on them with ease. You can pick up the leaves and feed them to your rabbit. It is safe as well as these nettle leaves contain a lot of beneficial nutrients which can help your rabbit to be healthier and better.

How To Feed Nettles To Rabbits?

Now that you know the answer to the question – can rabbits eat nettles, it is time for you know how you can feed nettles to your rabbits. You can feed your rabbits with nettles in different forms. These are:

how to feed nettles to rabbits

Dried Nettles:

Rabbits can consume the stinging nettles safely when you provide them dried. You can find pre-dried nettles in the food stores or in the pet supply stores.

But before buying them, make sure to read the list of ingredients properly to know that is no additives or chemicals in it.

You can also dry the nettles at homes and store it in one of the air-tight containers.

Fresh Nettles:

Yes, rabbits can also eat the nettles in fresh form right from your yards. But you have to wash the nettle to remove any chemicals, toxins or fumes that can be harmful for your rabbit.

Just like you give fresh veggies and fruits to your rabbit every day, you can give some fresh nettles to them too along with other veggies and leaves.

Cooked Nettles:

You can provide your rabbits some cooked nettles. The nettle can be cooking in different ways. Generally, the cooked nettle is best for human consumption as it can breakdown the venoms.

But the rabbits are immune to it and hence you don’t have to cook nettles before giving it to your rabbits. But if you want, you can give them cooked nettles in different ways such as:

  • You can blanch the nettle leaves for about 30 seconds to 5 minutes to provide it to your rabbit. But don’t cook too much as it can turn mushy
  • After cooking, make sure to remove the boiling water from the nettles and put the leaves on the ice water. This can stop the cooking process
  • Make sure to cool the nettle leaves after blanching and then feed them to the leaves

Nettle Tea:

You can provide nettles in form of tea to your rabbit. The nettle tea is sold in the stores, generally, for the human consumption. But you can provide the same to your rabbit too.

Just make sure to go through the ingredients properly before you buy to ensure that the nettle tea is perfectly safe for your rabbit.

You can also make tea at home by steeping the dried or fresh nettle leaves in a cup of boiling water for 4 to 5 minutes. Then strain the leaves out and allow the tea to cool down. Pour it on the saucer to give it to your rabbit.

Benefits of Feeding Nettles To Rabbits

Can rabbit eat nettles as a part of their healthy diet? Of course, yes! The nettle leaves are packed with some amazing health benefits. These can be really great for your rabbit.

As you have already read above, the nettle leaves contain a lot of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids in them. All these can provide necessary health benefits to your rabbit to fight against free radicals and diseases more efficiently.

Anti-inflammatory Benefits

The nettle leaves contain some anti-inflammatory properties in them. This can help to provide complete relief to your rabbits from internal inflammation. Rabbits can suffer from arthritis and other swelling too. The anti-inflammatory properties can provide instant relief from these swellings.

Helps in gastrointestinal systems

If you have the question in mind that can rabbits eat nettles for soothing their digestive issues or gastrointestinal problems, then you have got the answer now. The nettles can also help in providing relief to gastrointestinal and digestive problems.

They can also help in improving the digestive health to a great extent for your rabbits. Hence including these leaves on their diet can be beneficial.

Controls blood pressure

Another great health benefit of nettles is that it can help in effectively controlling and checking blood pressure. If your rabbit suffers from high blood pressure, then nettles can help in reducing it effectively by removing the excess salt and water from their body.

Boost overall health

Consumption of nettles can help in boosting the overall health of your rabbit. It can help in providing vitamins and minerals to your rabbit along with other essential minerals like iron, sodium, magnesium and potassium.

Development of muscles

As the nettle leaves contain high amount of amino acid, it can provide some amazing health benefits to your rabbit. Amino acid can help in making their muscles stronger and developing it better with age.

Thus, nettle leaves are highly beneficial for the rabbits and it should be included in their regular diet.

Other Types of Nettles Rabbits Can Eat

If you have a question in mind – can rabbits eat nettles of any species or types, then you are at the right place. For the rabbits, it is safe to eat nettles that belong to the family of Urticaceae. But it has more than 2000 different species.

other types of nettles for rabbits

Some of the popular types of nettles that you can find in your yard and can be safe for the rabbits are:

  • Mountain nettles
  • Heartleaf nettles
  • Tall nettles
  • Slender nettles
  • Small nettles

The Slender nettle is actually a subspecies of Stinging nettles and is also known as American stinging nettle. If you are not being able to identify any nettles or plants, then it is better not to feed them to your rabbit.

Rabbits are herbivorous in nature but that doesn’t mean that they can consume all types of plants. Some can be really toxic or harmful for them. Hence, you have to be absolute sure before you can feed them.


Now, you have all the answers related to your query – can rabbits eat nettles or not. It has become quite evident from the above explanations that there are a lot of benefits for rabbits for consuming nettle leaves. But make sure to be careful about the amount of nettles that the rabbits are consuming.

If you are feeding them with store products, then check all the ingredients. This is important to ensure that you are not feeding them any artificial additives like preservatives. It is mentioned above how you can feed nettles to your rabbits.

There are different ways by which you can feed and it is your choice or the preference of your rabbits that how they want to consume it.